The Process

I recommend having your newborn session when baby is between 7-14 days old, so scheduling BEFORE they arrive is preferred. BUT. Stuff happens and we can make it work!
Whether you choose a studio session or an in-home lifestyle approach, expect to be with me for at least 2 hours. These sessions take time, and while posing takes up a good portion, I also account for feedings, changes, consoling, wrangling siblings, etc. I recommend feeding baby right before our start time so they are full and happy.

tips and tricks


Newborn sessions are focused on that precious bean of yours, but if you want to be photographed with them you will need to prepare as well. Professional hair and makeup is not necessary (because, like who has time for that-- you just had a baby!) but if you wear make up please make sure that you are completely ready upon my arrival/ arrival at the studio. Siblings should be completely dressed, hair brushed, faces wiped, etc.

tips and tricks


Solid colors, soft patterns, pastels and neutrals are strongly recommended.
Please avoid text branding and graphic tees of any kind like North Face, Paw Patrol, etc. We want the focus to be on your beautiful family, not reading what brand of clothing they have on. Jeans, button downs, sweaters, blouses, dresses, slacks, are all great options, but please *no athleisure*


Got some old nail polish that needs removing or a touch up? Hands can
play a large part in newborn photos, but let's keep in classy with neutrals or
reds. Keep hair bands on your wrist at all times? Yeah me too, but let's toss it
before our session. Take your wedding rings off to sleep? Be sure to slip them back on!
Guys-- empty out those pockets! We don't want wallets and phones showing up in the photos.